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3-Month Personalized Beauty & Wellness Plan

This personalized package is perfect for the woman who is searching for better health and happiness but feels stuck, overwhelmed, or unmotivated in her search for results. 


Many of us suffer from the stress that our finances and relationships can bring about, and we are in need of a health and wellness reboot!


Our Be-YOU-tiful plan is designed to help you realign your life and reach your wellness and beauty goals. 

Together, we work one-on-one to custom design a plan that fits your busy schedule and specific needs. 


We uncover the areas that require extra support and realignment and together build a month-to-month plan that progresses you toward reaching your goals. 


Each week, you have the opportunity to meet for a 90-minute session to discuss your progression towards your goals, reevaluate your plans, and incorporate remedies that further support you on your transformation journey. 

Every woman is uniquely designed, so no Be-YOU-tiful plan is the same.
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  • Custom action planner.

  • Specific goal setting.

  • Weekly/Bi-weekly accountability check-ins, depending on your schedule. 

  • Bi-weekly live guided meditation + Reiki sessions to restore and revitalize your energy and emotions. 

  • Weekly mp3-guided meditations to ease stress 

  • Resources to increase your knowledge and awareness of health in relation to beauty.

  • Various methods of holistic nutrition & wellness for your specific needs*.


*Depending on your unique goals and needs, your wellness plan has the option to incorporate various holistic techniques such as: 


  • *NLP- 

  • *EFT- mostly if seeking spirituality or depression remedies. 

  • Clean-food recipes & meal planning

  • Cooking lessons

  • Holistic skincare & treatments

  • Live guided meditations

  • Reiki treatment

  • Yoga breathing

Each Be-YOU-tiful plan includes:

1 |  First Session

After we get to know one another better in our 30-minute Discovery Session, we use our first two sessions to go deeper into your goal setting and uncover any areas that need more attending to. Together, we design a treatment plan to help guide you towards your wellness goals. 


2  |  Monthly Planner

In our first two sessions together, we design the first-month planner to incorporate treatments, recipes, and techniques that will put you on the path to reach your goals. Since no two people are the same, each client’s Monthly Planner will be uniquely designed around their own personal goals. 


3  |  Follow-Up Sessions

Based on your needs and availability, we will set a schedule to meet for coaching sessions and any other support and accountability needs you may have. 


4  |  Teatimes

These 20-minute sessions are designed to support you in whatever you may be experiencing that day. Every client is encouraged to schedule at least one 20-minute Teatimes each week. 


5 |  Reflect & Celebrate Your Achievements

All of your successes and hard work deserve to be celebrated! At the end of our 3-month program, we will reflect on all of your amazing goals and achievements. We will also design a strategy to help keep you on your path of wholeness and happiness. 


12 personalized sessions


US$ 2.700

Price is discounted if paid in full. 


Payment plan

US$ 1.066 per month for three months.

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Want to see if we are a good match?



No strings attached. Simply schedule a 30-minute call, bring your favorite hot drink, and ... 

Each customized coaching program provides you with the tools to be more proactive in your health, and help you to organize your professional, social, and personal life.


Let's create a wellness ritual that fits your style.


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